September 17, 2019

PRE-Order the PD Book

The Parkinson’s Regeneration Training Book (pre-order your copy):

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After many years of working with a Parkinson’s clientele and researching and collaborating with top neurologists, brain experts, and movement experts around the world, I am VERY excited to bring the Parkinson’s Regeneration Training ® Book! It is my intention to make this book the GO TO resource for anyone and everyone who wants to know cutting edge strategies and techniques to help the person with PD to manage disease symptoms and improve quality of life through movement and exercise. I am highly honored to have brilliant contributors, including:

  • Dr. Perry Nickelston
  • Neurologists:
    • Dr. Massimo Marano
    • Dr. Ingrid Estrada Belleman
    • Dr. Fernando Carrera
  • Dr. Nick Sterling
  • Dr. Steve Capobianco
  • Dr. Emily Splichal
  • and many more

PRE-order your copy today and get $5 OFF the regular hard copy pricing! I guarantee content that will CHANGE LIVES!

We expect the book to go to print by September 1, 2019