Coming February 28, 2020 on Blue Canoe Records www.bluecanoerecords.com

After three decades of working as a musician (drummer) as my primary job, I decided to enter the health and wellness industry in an effort to help people live an improved quality of life. This has led to an extremely rewarding career that I could never have imagined.

For the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and educate people living with Parkinson’s disease all over the world. While there are many good programs to help people with Parkinson’s, much more research needs to be conducted.

In light of this, I founded the Parkinson’s Global Project ® in 2018. This is a non profit corporation dedicated to creating awareness and funding education and research globally for those with Parkinson’s. 

Your purchase of this music helps us to help people around the world. In fact, 90% of your purchase goes to funding research.

The musicians on this project are dear friends and amazingly talented. I am beyond grateful for their friendship and support.

Performers include:

  • Jimmy Haslip: bass and producer
  • Scott Kinsey: keyboards and producer
  • Jeff Richman: guitar and producer
  • Peter Erskine: drums
  • Gary Novak: drums
  • Karl Sterling: drums
  • Meredith Salimbeni: vocals
  • Brandon Fields: alto sax
  • Bob Reynolds: tenor sax
  • Paul Tavenner: recording engineer

The songs on this project were chosen with great care and with the intention of sending a message of positivity and hope.

I especially want to thank you, the listener for your support.

To learn more about the research we are funding, visit: www.parkinsonsglobalproject.org