September 18, 2019

People with Parkinson’s

A Conversation w/ Parkinson’s fighter, Jerry Evensky

My dear friend, Jerry Evensky stopped by our Parkinson’s Regeneration Training instructor summit and was kind enough to to sit down and share about his experience in managing Parkinson’s disease

Interview w/ Omotola Thomas: Finding Purpose Through Challenges ( Parkinson’s disease PD )

Omotola Thomas is a highly inspiring Parkinson’s disease fighter. After 5 years of symptoms, she was diagnosed with PD in 2016 at age 36. The day she was diagnosed, she made a decision that she would NOT let PD get the best of her. Watch, learn and get inspired by Omotola’s amazing mindset and approach towards fighting back against PD. She has personally caused a profound paradigm shift for me in my perspective and dealings with many areas of my life. Learn about Omotola’s mission to create an army of PD fighters through ! She is a powerhouse! Sit down, get ready, watch, and enjoy!

Ian Frizell Interview: Parkinson’s Disease

In this interview, I speak with my friend, Ian Frizell, who has early onset Parkinson’s Disease. He was formally diagnosed, allegedly, in 2011 when his neurologist said “if I were a betting man, I’d bet that you have Parkinson’s,” however an official diagnosis came from his GP when Ian asked her for a sick note in 2013. “What’s wrong with you?” she asked, as she skimmed through his notes on her computer, “ah yes, you’ve got Parkinson’s”. So… diagnosed 2011/2013, Ian had been suffering from symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease since about 1995. In 2015, a (different) neurologist referred him to the Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) team at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN) in Queen Square, London, to assess his suitability for this operation. On the 19th of April 2016, he underwent surgery to have electrodes placed in his brain (bilateral deep brain stimulation of the sub-thalamic nucleus) and a neurostimulator in his chest. Watch and learn from Ian about his experience and fighting back against PD. Be sure to visit his website and follow his blog at:

Interview w/ NPC Bikini Competitor Jennifer Siess ( fitness, nutrition, gut health, & Parkinson’s )

It was an honor to interview NPC bikini competitor, Jennifer Siess! In this interview, Jennifer shares great information about preparation and training for her recent NPC WIN (CONGRATS!). This includes the importance eating clean and maintaining optimal gut health! She also shares about her dad’s 20+ year fight against Parkinson’s disease. This is an empowering interview! ENJOY

An Interview with John Carmichael: Shaking Up Parkinson’s

I am very excited to bring you my interview with PD fighter, John Carmichael. John shares of his experience in dealing with Parkinson’s disease, how it has effected his life, and what he’s doing to manage disease symptoms and fight back! This is a very inspiring story of a gentleman who demonstrates the power of a positive attitude and taking action! THANK YOU, John for being my guest. Watch, learn, and enjoy! Also, be sure to check out John’s blog at

An interview w/ PD Fighter Andy McDowell – ( Parkinson’s Disease, DBS )

It was an honor to interview PD fighter, Andy McDowell. Andy was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease in December, 2009, aged 43.