September 18, 2019

Coaching Services

Karl Sterling and various members of his team are available for in person, individualized training sessions as well as online coaching.

Available services include: coaching for trainers/physios (including training techniques & strategies, nutritional consulting, business building coaching), and training/coaching for people with movement disorders.

Their goal: wake up the nervous system and brain, retrain the brain to improve movement, reduce fall risk, and improve quality of life.

In addition to the physical and mental side of training, the team believes in educating clients as to WHY each training strategy and technique are important. “We want trainers to take what we teach and immediately be able use it with their clients.

We want people with movement and neurological disorders to be able to use our coaching at home and start improving quality of life immediately.

Investing in a package of 10-20 coaching or training sessions is usually all it takes to get a complete understanding of why we do what we do.”

To set up an appointment for online training, or to make an in person appointment with one of our coaches, contact information is listed below.

Karl Sterling
Syracuse, NY area
In person training
Text/Call: 315-935-7488 /

Alison Klaum
Amherst, MA area
In person and online training


Ruben Artavia
San Jose, Costa Rica
In person and online training 
(+506) 7013-0806

More info coming soon on our other members of the team with their locations and availability